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Product Ratings Achieve or Drive Traffic Sales and Conversion Lift
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At Everyone Talks, we connect brands, e-commerce and online retailers to their core consumers for proactive product ratings and reviews.

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Why do your ratings & reviews matter?

Consumers trust and rely upon real-experience product ratings and reviews, making the ‘ratings and reviews’ page the second most visited page on a product’s website.

of consumers consult ratings and reviews while shopping
of consumers say ratings and reviews are an essential factor in their decision making process
of consumers are influenced by consumer generated content
is the average improvement lift rate of traffic, sales and conversion for rated and reviewed products

What happens to products when ratings and reviews are added? 

Quite simply… They sell better!



Waiting for a consumer to rate and review a product post purchase is agonizing.  For many products it never happens or doesn’t happen in quantity.  Proactively taking control of your ratings and reviews is crucial to a product’s success, especially at the beginning of the process.

  • 108% is the average traffic lift
  • 92%   is the average sales lift
  • 65%   is the average conversion lift (percentage of traffic making a purchase)

Why Choose Everyone Talks?

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Expertise in Participant Recruitment

We have been connecting brands and consumers to conduct product tests and share opinions for over 50 years.  We are experts at aligning your ideal consumer with your products to gain accurate and authentic ratings & reviews.
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Diverse & Extensive Panels Across US Markets

We employ numerous techniques and resources to build and maintain our panels  to consistently engage  your target reviewers
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Authentic, Reliable Reviewers

Our completion rate is 92%.
Our commitment to authenticity is paramount. Our systems and FTC Complaint procedures ensure every one of your reviewers is a target buyer.
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World-Class Project Management

Our clients trust us to manage the details of this critical touch point in an eCommerce experience. We make it easy to acquire powerful online reviews and give you a single point of contact from campaign commission to execution.

It’s time to accelerate your products’ online ratings and reviews.