The world’s largest brands want you to rate and review their products and services and in return for your honest and thorough reviews, they are prepared to allow you to keep the product.

Who Can Join?

We are always seeking articulate, enthusiastic and honest people and welcome memberships from

  • Consumers
  • Business executives

How Do I Join?

Use the link below to register on our Focus Group By Schlesinger panel. Select ‘Product Tests’ (along with any other types of interest) on page 2 of the registration

How Do I Participate?

When we have a new suitable product test we will contact you. If you are selected to test, you will receive the product to test, then rate and review online

Other Opportunities

Our panel members also participate in paid marketing research studies in several ways

  • At in-person focus groups
  • On the telephone, at an agreed time
  • Via an online survey
  • In an online community

What is Focus Group By Schlesinger?

Focus Group By Schlesinger is an online panel of people interested in testing products and sharing their experiences and opinions on a variety of topics. This can be as part of a campaign to help brands and retailers achieve a representative number of ratings and reviews for a product, or as part of a marketing research study to help influence the development of consumer, business, and healthcare products.