We lift a product’s online traffic, sales and conversion through proactive ratings and reviews acquisition.


And we seamlessly manage the entire ratings and review acquisition process for you.



Product Selection

You select the products to be reviewed

Screen & Recruit

We screen and recruit your core consumers from our national panel and gain their commitment to thoroughly use, rate and review the product(s)

Fulfillment & Shipping

The products are shipped to our participants (either directly or through our fulfillment service)

Email Link

We send a secure review link to participants as they begin using the product

Ratings & Reviews Ready

We collect the authentic participant reviews and introduce them directly to the retailer and brand sites or syndicate them to all participating retailers

It’s that simple!  We complete a typical online review campaign in 5 weeks.

Choose Everyone Talks Proactive Ratings & Reviews for:


New Products

  • at launch, ensuring products ‘go live’ with ratings and reviews already in place allowing for infinitely better sales results.

Existing Products

  • which are experiencing low or no rating and review counts
  • which are under-performing
  • which require improvement in overall customer satisfaction
  • which require a reduction in return rates

We Support Product Reviews for Most Product Types

What about Negative Reviews?

Negative Reviews Can Provide a Positive Impact Too

When all of your ratings reviews and testimonials are perfect, your reviews can lack credibility. While having almost all 4 star and 5 star reviews is the preferred outcome, the occasional poor review can actually make you look more authentic. Negative reviews instill trust. If all reviews are 5 star they tend to lose credibility with consumers.

In fact, 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see good and bad reviews.

What’s important is a strong ratio of great reviews to those that are poor and that you respond to any negative reviews posted.  

A 2014 Ratings & Reviews Study sponsored in part by Northwestern University showed that a 5 star rating wasn’t the most trusted by consumers considering a product purchase.  Consumers displayed more trust and were more likely to purchase a product when its rating was between 4.2 to 4.5 stars. 82% of consumers actually seek out negative reviews. They are expected and, if anything, consumers want to determine that the flaws in your service or product are one-time issues, not repetitive.